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7jk, z, 2tt, About Us : Am Leather leather bag manufacturer in kolkata | leather wallet manufacturer in kolkata


We are proud to introduce ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of a collection of exclusive and genuine leather products from India. As an export oriented company Am Leather now a well known in Asian and European customers.

Am Leather 100% Export - oriented unit specializing in the manufacturing of all types of Grain Leather Driver Gloves, Split Leather Driver Gloves, Combi Leather Driver Gloves, Welder Leather Gloves, Leather Jacket, Trouser, Apron, Leg Guard, Arm Guard and small leather goods. The leather industry holds a prominent place in the Indian economy. This sector is known for its consistency in high export earnings and it is among the top ten foreign exchange. earners for the country.

What We Do

We are specialised on Leather products, Leather Wallet, Leather Bag, Leather Hand Gloves, Jute Bag. All are made by genuine leathers. We sell the good to Local and International markets.

Our Standards

Am Leather is based on traditional family values with broadminded current management skills with a philosophy that people in the organization and the customers are its strong foundation.

Our Capabilities

Due to this the organization has fewer turnover of employees and a very strong and dedicated customer base. We always committed to serve our customer by good products and timely delivery.


Finished Leather

We never use any artificial leather. We always use genuine and finished leather to make our products. Besides we always care customer's demand.

Industrial Safety Gloves

We are one of the best manufacturer of Gloves & Mittens, Industrial Safety Products, Leather Products, Safety Gloves & Leather Aprons and all kinds of Industrial Safety Gloves.

Leather Goods

Apart from finished leather we also manufacture leather products such as Leather bags, Wallets, Shoes, Purses, Portfolio, Briefcases, Leather Jackets, and other leather products.


We will do our best to be among the best manufacturers of leather products.

We have the skills and assets to achieve our goal and fulfill our vision are to be the leader. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, competitive professional service, and price, world class quality, on time delivery, honesty and reliability.
  • We Have very Skilled People - are served to our best
  • A Commited Skilled Team - is our strength
  • Our designer is known for quality commitment
  • We have good communication skills in English to serve customers
  • We Have Wide and depth Knowledge about the leather industries
ONWER / Rahman
MANAGER / Arnel Baluyot
FINANCE / Jamal Charanek