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o, Am Leather leather bag manufacturer in kolkata | leather wallet manufacturer in kolkata

Welcome To Am leather

We are proud to introduce ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of a collection of exclusive and genuine Leather Products.

Made and available in a wide variety, the collection comprises of Men's Leather Wallets, RFID blocking wallet, Ladies Wallet, Purse, Credit Card Holder, Cheque Book Holder, Note Case, Business Wallets. We also offer a unique range of key Chain Holder, Coin Purse, Tobacco Pouch. Custom designed wallets are also provide by us on request.


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Gift Item / Product No: AM066
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Am leather

Am Leather, an ISO 9001: 2008 tannery based company established in the year of 1975 at Kolkata, Eastern India. We are manufacturer and exporter of finished leathers and leather products varying from Ladies Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Wallets, Leather Belt, Small Leather Goods Items, Luggage Bags, Laptop Bag, Messenger Bag Card Cases, Portfolios, Men’s Briefcases, Men's Wallet, Key Rings, Toilet Cases, Pouch Bags etc.

Mainly We Are Making


Am leather

With strong team members, the company has worked very actively to bring together both manufacturer–exporters and merchant-exporters of leather products in various parts of India on a common platform for discussion to stimulate growth, development of quality oriented leather products for export from the country.


Leather Belt
Men's Wallet
Women's Wallet
Pen Case
Product / Jute Bug
Jute-Bag / Product No: AMJB09
Jute-Bag / Product No: AMJB08
Jute-Bag / Product No: AMJB07
Product/ Card Case
Card case / Product No: 81CqQK2tbUL._SL1500_
Card case / Product No: AM035
Card case / Product No: AM037
Product/ Men's Bag
Men's Bag / Product No: AM088
Men's Bag / Product No: AM078
Men's Bag / Product No: AM077
Product/ Women's Bag
Women's Bag / Product No: AM0015
Women's Bag / Product No: AM0018
Women's Bag / Product No: AM0014